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Here is where you can request information and receive a personal response (not one of those "automated" responses)

Top 10 "Free-Stuff" Requests

  1. Copy of "Insider Guide to Maui Real Estate"
  2. Information on properties for sale (in a certain area and/or with particular features and/or in a given price range, etc)
  3. Information on a specific property
  4. Market conditions
  5. Financing (rates, monthly payments, lender contact info)
  6. Net sheet (what will I net when I sell)
  7. Appointment to discuss selling a property
  8. Appointment to discuss buying a property
  9. Procedures (agreements, contracts, escrow, contingencies, inspections, repairs, document signings, timelines, fees, earnest monies, etc)
  10. Other (most anything related to real estate in Hawaii)

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